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Unboxing a New Pinball Machine Step by Step

In this video blog entry, I show you step by step how to unbox and set up a brand new pinball machine – in this case a Led Zeppelin machine from Stern Pinball! Follow along as I crack open the … Continue reading

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Pinball Speaker and Color Display upgrades

In this video blog post, I show you how to upgrade the speakers in a Stern Iron Man pinball for higher quality sound, and I change out the red LED display for a ColorDMD color LCD display. I hope you … Continue reading

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Fabricated Pinball Streaming Rig

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve really been enjoying streaming pinball on Twitch (see previous post), but one thing that hasn’t been fun is moving machines around to make room for the mic stands I was using to hold … Continue reading

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See Alpha Bravo Pinball live on Twitch!

Hi! The world has changed over the last several weeks, and at least for now pinball nights with friends are a thing of the past. As an experiment and to try to get some human interaction in my pinball playing, … Continue reading

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