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Fabricated Pinball Streaming Rig

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve really been enjoying streaming pinball on Twitch (see previous post), but one thing that hasn’t been fun is moving machines around to make room for the mic stands I was using to hold … Continue reading

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See Alpha Bravo Pinball live on Twitch!

Hi! The world has changed over the last several weeks, and at least for now pinball nights with friends are a thing of the past. As an experiment and to try to get some human interaction in my pinball playing, … Continue reading

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Arcade “Superbench” Part 2 of 2 – Final Assembly

After finishing the blue paint (see part 1), my Superbench cabinet was now ready for final assembly with artwork, sound and electronics. The first part I installed is the power connector to the back of the cabinet. This nice unit … Continue reading

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Yo! Taxi! Swap my playfield!

Next up in my queue of games to work on was Taxi. Although playing well, cosmetically it was dirty and worn – definitely due for an overhaul! I started breaking down the game in preparation for the installation of a … Continue reading

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