A 3D-printed tool for setting pinball inclination

As seen in my latest YouTube video, presenting a new technique for measuring pinball playfield inclination. This tool, which you can 3D-print yourself, allows you to get inclination measurements for a variety of different playfield slopes using an off the shelf bubble level. I’ll link the downloadable 3D model and acrylic bubble level it is designed for below, and you can see it in action in my video (also below).

I recommend using a label maker to label the different steps on the tool. The angles, from the highest step to the lowest, are:

  • 6.5
  • 6.7
  • 6.9
  • 7.1
  • 7.3

In addition to the sizes above, you can effectively read the in-between even-numbered decimals by measuring an equal left and right deflection of the bubble on two adjacent steps!

Download the 3D model you can print yourself at home here: Wedge V2 STL

It is designed for the 95x40x15mm acrylic bubble level shown in the photo, you can buy it here.

And for a live demonstration of different ways of leveling your game, including using this tool, watch my video! Hope this helps!

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Radio Silence on ABPinball.com…

Also: White Water Pinball!

Apologies for the lack of updates here folks! The reason is twofold: One, I’ve been quite busy outside of pinball. Secondly (and perhaps more importantly) in the realm of Alpha Bravo Pinball I’ve shifted a lot of my energy towards making YouTube content.

I’ll still document interesting repairs, mods and projects here, but written form isn’t as good as video for showing games and how they play… With that said, here’s a video I did over the recent holiday break – I spent more effort than any previous one showing the game and its gameplay so I thought it was worth sharing here. I hope you will watch and enjoy it – cheers!

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Unboxing a New Pinball Machine Step by Step

In this video blog entry, I show you step by step how to unbox and set up a brand new pinball machine – in this case a Led Zeppelin machine from Stern Pinball! Follow along as I crack open the box, install the legs, and get the game ready to play. WARNING: Setting up a pinball machine can be a dangerous operation. The machine can fall on you, leading to serious injury or death. You could also hurt yourself lifting the machine as it weighs hundreds of pounds. Please get help as needed.

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Pinball Speaker and Color Display upgrades

In this video blog post, I show you how to upgrade the speakers in a Stern Iron Man pinball for higher quality sound, and I change out the red LED display for a ColorDMD color LCD display. I hope you like this new video format for my blog, and stay tuned for more entries in the series!

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