Replaced lamps

I finally got a supply of the most common bulbs in the machine – #555’s. I noticed a few burnt-out bulbs while playing, and a quick run through the lamp test mode made it easy to narrow them down.

Some of the bulbs are directly accessible under the playfield, while others require a small PCB board to be removed. I was glad I took the time to remove these PCBs, as many of the bulbs that were “working” were covered in black filth! They were easy to clean, and the result is more light in the game. 🙂

Here’s a photo of the largest lamp PBC in the game, which lights up the mission lights and the shields:

Turns out inserting bulbs can require quite a bit of force, as the sockets can be very stiff. I ended up pushing hard enough on a socket that one of the pin solder joints came loose and the socket bent away from the PCB:

It was an easy fix with the soldering gun, even for a novice like myself. Here the same PCB is re-assembled and all its lights are on:

And finally, a few pictures of the playfield, just for fun. Click on the last image for a high-resolution shot of the full playfield.

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2 Responses to Replaced lamps

  1. Marco says:

    Compliments a great work but why didn’t you use led lamps as replacements ?
    Like in this video I have seen here:

    You could make the playfield more brightness and bulbs will neevr break, I’m making my PIN like that 🙂

    • It just comes down to personal preference. I don’t like the 60hz flicker you get from LED lamps, and often they are just way too bright. Incandescents have a very smooth and pleasant ramp curve to the emitted light. I understand that a few companies now make flicker-free LED lamps for pinball games though, and may try that sooner or later. I do agree that STTNG would benefit from the white light of LED general illumination though – the yellow tint of incandescent bulbs does not suite the game as well.

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