Alpha Bravo One Lives! Flippers wired up

Wow, another month with barely any progress! I have too many hobbies I think 🙂

Finally tonight I had time to wire up the flippers. I used Molex connectors so that I can easily disconnect and reconnect the flipper wiring harness from the mechs when I will inevitably move on to whiteboard version 2, 3 and so on… This makes it trivial to transplant everything over. Molex connectors are awesome! With the Molex crimping tool, the connectors are trivial to install and the process is solder-free.

That’s all that was left to being able to operate the flippers on my whiteboard for the first time! 😀

Now I can start actually building my playfield design along with the ramps… Something tells me things are going to get more and more difficult from now on… 🙂

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7 Responses to Alpha Bravo One Lives! Flippers wired up

  1. joe says:

    love the progress so far. Was there code to update P-roc for Dr who, or are running some sort of generic baseline code just for running basic scoring/launch functions?

    • Hey Joe! There’s actually nothing specific to Doctor Who left on the machine – both the playfield and Williams CPU board are gone – so yup, the software I have at this point is based off the generic P-ROC test code for controlling the WPC electronics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic!!!!!! But we’d like to see more ;P

  3. Federico says:

    Fantastic!!!!!! But we’d like to see more…

  4. opalsage says:

    A great start to your board. I’m working on a similar project and am a member of the Tech Shop. I am using the P-ROC as well and I’m planning a final CNC job in a couple weeks. I’d love to hear how your vacuum forming works out for your ramps. I was planning on doing the same thing but decided to go without ramps on my first custom machine just to not slow up progress. Are you going to do all plastic or plastic ramps and wire molded returns? I’m assuming you’ll have to make it in parts and fit them together (I think the vacuum forming machine at the TechShop only does up to 24″ or something like that.)

  5. Nice work so far! 🙂

    Keep up the good work, building a pinball machine is time consuming – to say the least!

  6. greg butcher says:

    nice work, do a lot a cnc work for virtual pins myself. have been toying with the idea of making a playfield. sad to see one of my favorite machines dead.

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