Started Space Shuttle Disassembly!

After Diner, on to the next project! I first played Space Shuttle in the “Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection” video game. I always found it simple yet addictive, and knew I would love to own the real thing one day.

I found a decent one last year in San Francisco – while it plays great, it is in desperate need of a new playfield. Over the last year I have been playing it a whole bunch, but now that Diner is out of the way, it’s time to give Space Shuttle some love! It will get:

  • A brand new CPR playfield
  • New plastics
  • New ramp
  • New Shuttle toy
  • A cabinet repaint

Working on this game will be quite a few “firsts” for me – first playfield swap, first cabinet repaint. Big jobs ahead, wish me luck! As you can see by the photos below, it’s in desperate need.

SpaceShuttleDisassembly2 SpaceShuttleDisassembly1 SpaceShuttleDisassembly3

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