Progress on Space Shuttle Pinball Playfield Swap – 3/5/2014

It may not look like much, but I’ve spent some more time on the Space Shuttle playfield swap. Brackets are coming off the old playfield and getting placed/pre-drilled onto the new one. More GI wiring is getting transferred over. And I’m pre-drilling the mounting holes for all the lamp sockets and some of the non-critically-positionned switches. Things are coming along nicely!


Below is the old playfield. As I said, it may not look like much progress on the surface, but if you look closely you’ll see that almost everything on there is no longer fastened down. I’m getting pretty close to be being able to transfer the whole wiring harness over.


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3 Responses to Progress on Space Shuttle Pinball Playfield Swap – 3/5/2014

  1. Stan says:

    First, amazing and great job with the SS restore. I’m in the process of doing the same. I’ve just about prepped everything and just have to move/add GI braid and pop bumper screws. I noticed you have red ball eject plastic over the ball lock holes. Where did you get them? I saw PB resource has something similar, but a corner is clipped.

    Appreciate any help you can offer.


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