Started Space Shuttle Cabinet Reassembly

I finished cleaning up the coin door, similar to how I did the side rails a while back. Nothing particularly interesting to report other than it took quite a bit of elbow grease, and that purple scotchbrite pads worked much better for me than sandpaper.

With that done, it was now time to start re-assembly of the cabinet. Today I reinstalled the rear glass channel, the side rails, and the coin door/lockdown bar assemblies. When reassembling everything, it was very useful to refer to the photos I took before disassembly, particularly when it came to routing the grounding braid. Pretty straightforward, though, and as you would expect just the reverse of disassembly.

I also installed metal leg protectors and have a brand new set of legs to install when it comes time. The only pieces missing below are the coin entry plates which I will replace as the originals were cracked. Should look nice!


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