Replaced Space Shuttle Pinball Stand-Up Target Faces

Before continuing on with the rest of the Space Shuttle playfield re-assembly, there was one small job I had to deal with first – the stand-up targets. These targets are extremely visible in the game, and so I definitely want them to look in tip top shape in my restored game. As you can see though, the original ones were well past their prime…


I wasn’t able to find new stand-up target assemblies at any of the usual part suppliers, but thankfully I was able to find the faces themselves. It took a little work to drill out the rivets (three per – two brass ones holding the assembly together, and one steel one in the face), but after that, it was pretty simple to rivet on the new faces using my rivet squeezer.

One of the targets (the one at the top of the ramp) also had a cut-off top, so I used my rotary tool with a cutting disc to slice off the top of the face. Here’s a photo of the target in question just before riveting the new face back on.


And finally, the end result. A huge improvement over the old beat-up faces!


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2 Responses to Replaced Space Shuttle Pinball Stand-Up Target Faces

  1. Markus M. says:

    Hello, looks nice what you made, i need also to replace some of my plastics and some rivets too. Where can i get the rivet press that you have been using (the one on your photo)? Thanks for answer. Markus.

    • Hey Markus, mine is an aircraft tool – most aircraft tool stores online will have them. Search for “rivet squeezer”. They aren’t cheap, but you may be able to score a deal on eBay.

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