Space Shuttle

This page is dedicated to documenting my first ground-up restoration of a pinball machine, in this case Space Shuttle by Williams Electronic Games Inc.

Over the course of half a year, I undertook two major jobs – first, replacing the worn-down playfield with a brand new replacement from Classic Playfield Reproductions. Second, I restored the cabinet by re-painting it including using vinyl stencils to do the artwork. It sounds quick and easy when written succinctly like that, but what you see below was about three hundred hours of work for me. Let’s hope I’ve learned something and the next one will be quicker 😉


SpaceShuttleFinished2 SpaceShuttleFinished3 SpaceShuttleFinished5 SpaceShuttleFinished6 SpaceShuttleFinished7 SpaceShuttleFinished8 SpaceShuttleFinished9


In case you’re curious, here’s what the game looked like before being restored. Note how the red paint on the cabinet is a light pink shade after having faded away for thirty years!

SpaceShuttleBefore1 SpaceShuttleBefore2

4 Responses to Space Shuttle

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  2. pinheadpierre says:

    Nice job – I also own and love a shuttle. I am glad you did not load it up with LEDs. I think the game looks right with warm incandescent GI. I am going down the rabbit hole of restoration on a pinbot at the moment so can appreciate how many hours a first restoration can take!

  3. Mark says:

    I am restoring one also. Can you please tell me where you got your post kit from? That is the last piece of the puzzle for me. I already have a ring kit…i am having zero luck locating a post kit.

    • Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t use a post kit. Most of the posts were re-used from the old game and cleaned up using the tumbler with walnut media. If I remember correctly, I might have replaced a few posts, but they were common ones easily found at the normal pinball supply houses.

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