Space Shuttle Pinball Restoration Complete!

Wow – it’s with a great sense of accomplishment that I write this post! I’ve completed my first ground up restoration of a pinball machine. In the end it turned out just as I had hoped – as close to as possible as “factory new”. It took a lot of money in parts and tons of work to put it together, but after seeing and playing the result it was totally worth it! Space Shuttle is one of the greatest pinball machines of all time and I am delighted to own one, especially in restored condition! Suffice it to say it is not for sale, so don’t ask 🙂

Obligatory Before/After shot:


Ok, not a totally fair side by side since the power was off in the “before” pic! Regardless, for more pics showing the completed restoration, head on over to my new top level Space Shuttle page!

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2 Responses to Space Shuttle Pinball Restoration Complete!

  1. Jay E. says:

    Hi, do you know where I can find a new Space Shuttle playfield?

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