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Progress on Space Shuttle Pinball Playfield Swap – 5/13/2014

Time for the fun stuff! The stuff you see when you play the game! The stuff you imagined you’d be doing when you bought that repro playfield! In reality, of course, it’s a tiny percentage of the total work involved in … Continue reading

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Leveled Diner Inserts

My Diner playfield had an issue that is very common with this game – raised inserts in the middle of the playfield. Both the character inserts as well as the DINER inserts had the problem. During play, the inserts would … Continue reading

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Started playfield assembly

Today I started assembly of the basic mechanisms on my custom pinball playfield! It was super exciting to install the hinge brackets and drop the empty playfield into the cabinet for the first time 🙂 In addition, the following assemblies … Continue reading

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Fabricated blank pinball playfield!

If you’ve been following along on the blog, it may look like I haven’t made any progress in a while… Well, I have 🙂 It turns out fabricating things like pinball playfields is pretty tough with tools you typically have … Continue reading

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