Fabricated a Pinball Playfield Rotisserie!

I made it to the point in the Space Shuttle tear-down where it is clear it would be a pain to continue without a rotisserie. So, with these instructions from vid1900 on Pinside, I built one starting last week and finished it this weekend. Here’s how it works:

This design is very nice for a few reasons:

  • It’s heavy and stable
  • Every single part was available at my local Home Depot – one-stop shopping!
  • It breaks down easily for storage when you’re not using it
  • Very little fabrication was necessary. The only big tool needed is a drill press – I used the one at San Jose TechShop. I did use their giant Cold Saw to cut the angle, but a hand saw would have worked too.

The total cost for the project, including paint, was about $120. Here’s the project after priming and a few coats of red enamel spray paint:rotisserie1

Yes, I got some red paint on the garage floor 🙂 Lesson learned! Here it is after final assembly and with the Space Shuttle playfield mounted on it:rotisserie4 rotisserie3


On with the Space Shuttle tear-down! 😀

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