Space Shuttle Disassembly Part 3

Not much to report other than continued disassembly of Space Shuttle. I have most of the top side disassembled but have left the rails on to prevent the playfield from bowing under its own weight. The only other parts protruding from below are the leaf switches which I will do next. The idea is to get to a stage at which I can lay both playfields face down side by side on the ground (since I only have one rotisserie) to transfer parts over. I’m getting close to that! I think I will very soon need to start prepping the new playfield, installing new tee nuts and replicating the stapled-on GI wiring!

Oh, and the rotisserie is awesome! It’s making very short work of tasks that need alternating access to the top and bottom sides such as disassembly of the pop bumpers.

Here’s the mostly-naked topside of the old playfield at this point. The bottom side is, of course, still very much populated.



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