More Red Paint for Space Shuttle Pinball Cabinet

With the help of the Pinside Space Shuttle thread, it looks like the mystery of the backbox not matching the stencil is solved – Williams produced games with two different styles of backboxes! The stencil I bought to repaint the cabinet was made for the “narrow” style backbox, but I have the wider-at-the-bottom backbox.

Right after I published the previous blog post, I got mad that the red line didn’t frame the backbox correctly. It looked really bad, so I went to the garage to “erase” the offending line using mineral spirits:



A few weeks later, the red paint is now fully cured and it’s time to do some repairs. I took the opportunity to not just add in the missing line, but also re-paint some jagged edges here and there.


All masked and ready to paint! It went much quicker this time. There was obviously a much smaller area to paint, but I also didn’t wait nearly as long for the paint to dry between coats and I started peeling the masking as soon as I could with the paint still wet. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t pull up paint and get jagged edges like last time. It worked out pretty well!



Pulling the mask while the paint is still wet also helps avoid creating a hard edge at the mask line.

CabRedRepair5 CabRedRepair6

Pretty clean, especially compared to the first time around! The best part, of course, is that the line that frames the backbox is now at the correct angle and parallel to the front edge. Here’s a before and after photo:



This will cure a week or two, and then the white paint will go on!



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