Shopping out a World Cup Soccer 94 Pinball

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted! Time to do some catching up. This past winter I finally tore down my World Cup Soccer 94 to give it a good cleaning. I’m not sure of the history of the game as I’ve only owned it for a few years, but based on the condition of some of the crumbling rubbers it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was the first time the game had ever been torn down and completely cleaned. As you’ll see below, it was VERY dirty, especially in the back which is covered by a few layers of ramps – definitely not possible to get back there on this game without quite a bit of disassembly.

Here’s how the game started – lots of old yellowed plastics and crumbling rubbers (including the soccer ball), but otherwise in very decent shape:WCS-Shopped 001

Luckily the ramps were in decent shapes and just needed disassembly and cleaning, not replacement. Check out the level of dirt built up!WCS-Shopped 002 WCS-Shopped 003 WCS-Shopped 004 WCS-Shopped 006

But thankfully, underneath all that dirt the playfield was in excellent shape. Check out the shine after cleaning the mostly-bare playfield.

WCS-Shopped 007

In the end I got a new set of plastics, rubbers, a new soccer ball and brass wireform ramp (because why not!) and the game looked completely transformed. Probably the most time consuming part was the number of riveted plastics that required drilling out and re-riveting. Here’s the pile of old yellowed plastics ready to go into the “just in case I ever need this” drawer: WCS-Shopped 008

And finally a few photos of the re-assembled game. Much better!WCS-Shopped 009 WCS-Shopped 010

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