Kraylix Complete…. for now

It’s been a while since I last posted about the Kraylix. I blame Street Fighter V! It’s just too fun! No sooner than I had the control panel, monitor and sound wired up to the Kraylix, I started playing both the old classics as well as SFV…. and well, time flies. SFV in particular is a really really fun game, and playing it on the Kraylix is great! I have many hours playing time on it now, but I thought I would go back and finally post a photo of the completed project.

As it stands now, here are some of the features of my Kraylix build:

  • Can run modern games (such as SFV) on the mini PC inside the cabinet.
  • Can run JAMMA & CPS2 games as well, with an XRGB Mini Framemeister upscaler
  • High quality built-in audio with a 2.1 channel amp, a pair of four-inch two-way speakers, and and 8 inch woofer for bass. I’m thrilled with how well this sounds!
  • Sanwa JLF sticks and Semitsu PS-14-KN buttons in a 6-up configuration. 8 buttons per player may be more modern, but I wanted the more old-school configuration. Who needs the extra two buttons anyway!
  • Built-in illumination including behind the marquee & move list, as well as ambiance lighting underneath the control panel and behind the cabinet.
  • Power controlled via a remote switch Tripp Lite power strip and arcade buttons hidden underneath the control panel to control the monitor and PC power.

Like I said in the title, I consider the cabinet complete, and although it’s totally playable, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some upgrades in mind for the future. Here’s a few projects I’d like to take on at an unspecified point in the future:

  • Arduino-controlled automatic power up of the monitor and PC. Right now, the power-on procedure is turning on main power followed by using the arcade buttons to turn the PC and monitor on. I plan to use an arduino to automatically power on the PC and monitor after main power turns on, which would enable a single-switch power solution (like a real arcade cabinet).
  • Re-print the marquee. I’m really happy with how my marquee turned out using a Duratrans print – the illumination looks just brilliant and the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice! That said, the mounting tabs in the cabinet obscure the backlight on the sides and top causing dark spots in the artwork. I think it would look better with a black border around the artwork. This would make the shadows at the mount points invisible for a much cleaner look. I did this for the move list and it turned out great, so I think the same effect on the marquee would be a big improvement.
  • JAMMA controls auto-switcher. As it is now, the procedure for switching between JAMMA games and the PC is a bit clunky. I have to go into the cabinet and unplug/re-plug the JAMMA connector. I’d like to build a JAMMA control switcher using diodes to allow the controls to be simultaneously wired to the PC and JAMMA games. The monitor already has two inputs, so doing this would allow for quick and easy switching between JAMMA and PC games.

I’ll post a photo of the current wiring/cabinet inside the next time I’m in there, but for now, see you in SFV online play 🙂


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